How to Prevent Pops & Hisses

Right now we going to discuss the proper microphone technique that you can utilize to prevent a pop or general hiss sound in any karaoke performance.

For most folks, especially the ones new to a microphone it is natural to place a microphone generally right in front of one’s mouth. However what most doesn’t realize is that with today’s technology being so advance, the microphone has the ability to pick up sounds from any direction and is also therefore very sensitive to each and every sound that you may project as well.

With the above being said, it is strongly recommended moving the microphone further away from one’s mount, angling the mic to one side or lower, or angel it towards the establishment ceiling or roof thus allowing the microphone to become less sensitive and prevent any unwanted pops or hiss sounds during a performance.

However keep in mind, any of the above adjustments to the placement of microphone can also vary depending on the establishment general equipment settings, type, and overall quality.

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