Secrets to Karaoke Song Selection

Anyone who’s been to a Karaoke bar here in the Arlington, Fort Worth area can tell you that a great song can rally the crowd, but the wrong one can ruin everyone’s night. We’ve all been there when the fun comes to a screeching halt because a horrible ballad of off- tune, slow, or just plain boring song comes on. There’s not enough alcohol in the world to make that fun!

There are several key factors when choosing a killer karaoke song. First, it must be recognizable to the majority of the crowd. While you may really love gansta rap and think it’s modern day poetry, but unless your crowd is also into it, save it for your shower. Survey the room and pick songs that are likely popular with the majority of the people you are singing with. This will ensure you don’t embarrass yourself and keep the party going.

Secondly, choose a song within your vocal capabilities. Sounds like common sense, right? Well, it’s evitable that some clown gets onstage and tries to belt out Meatloaf or shrieks the high notes of Mariah Carey. Avoid songs with excessive pitches, quick key changes, very fast lyrics, and anything Adele! Beware of the songs that are deceptively simple such as Alanis Morrissette Uninvited, Brittany Spears Womanizer, and Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places. These songs seem easy enough, but you will find yourself rambling and even screaming at times.

And finally, avoid most slower- paced songs. The key to having fun with karaoke is getting the crowd excited and singing/ cheering along with you. When a great song comes on you can really feel the energy ignite the room. Also, sometimes the best songs are even the cheesy ones where you are free to act silly with your friends, and there is less pressure to have perfect vocals.

When done right (and the right amount of liquid courage), karaoke can be a blast! Just remember these simple tips the next time you hit the stage!