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Killer Karaoke Songs of 2017

Just when you bid 2017 goodbye, many of its songs continue to hum in your ears like the year hasn’t even ended yet. We at Mac’s Tavern and Grill are proud to say that we keep our music up to date. You can count on us to play your jam, regardless when it was released.

In fact, here are some of the best 2017 pop songs that you can sing to on your next karaoke visit.

“New Rules” by Dua Lipa – New British sensation Dua Lipa took the world by storm with her debut single “New Rules.” The upbeat melody, scornful lyrics, and overall infectious beat can definitely get your audience up and cheer you on.

“Want You Back” by Haim – Many people can relate to a certain post-breakup phase when one party is angry at the other, but still has the desire to have them back. Haim perfectly encapsulated this feeling with a seemingly conversational intro, snappy choruses, and smooth rhythm.

“Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B – Fair warning: This song does not have the most wholesome or family-oriented lyrics. What is awesome about this hip hop masterpiece is Cardi B’s incredibly powerful chops that would make any head nod. This is the first female rap song that ranked No.1 since 1998.

“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Beieber – Truth be told, we don’t understand the lyrics of this Latin pop song, but there is something fun about singing and dancing to the fine guitars and smooth voices. We recommend the version with Justin Beiber for more English lyrics in the song.

“24K Magic” and “That’s What I like” by Bruno Mars – Bruno Mars dug deep and came out with a lot of songs resonating the 80’s. These songs are part of an entire album that might send you or your parents down memory lane. There’s swagger, funk, and a lot of nostalgia — all the makings of great karaoke songs.

“Shape of You,” “Galway Girl,” and “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran – Need something modern to woo a girl? These ballads from Ed Sheeran cannot be more perfect.

“Hard Times” by Paramore – This colorful and upbeat song is another tribute to the 80’s as well as a great anthem to those who fell down in 2017. This refreshingly infectious pop song can be your next pick-me-up after a tough week.

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Benefits Of Karaoke For The Family

Are you looking for a worthwhile bonding activity for your family? Here at Mac’s Tavern and Grill, we strongly encourage karaoke as a new form of fun activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family in Arlington Texas. Read on to discover how it can greatly benefit your family’s relationship and still give a great time.

Karaoke Helps Bridge Generation Gaps – Have you heard about the famous quote, “a family that plays together stays together?” Playing songs from different generations and genres can do just that. Parents and grandparents will definitely enjoy singing the “oldies” or classics to their kids, and vice versa. We often find family customers singing to a mix of 80’s to the 2000’s, all enjoying the songs as if they were born in the same era.

Karaoke Promotes Teamwork – Karaoke helps families exercise teamwork mostly because they coordinate when performing duet songs. They also act as supporters of each other through cheering and applause.

This Can Be Your New Stress Reliever – Music is a good way to shake off a bad day or week and promote a more positive outlook. Singing in karaoke also helps release “endorphins” or also known as “good hormones” which make us feel good and ecstatic, reducing anxiety and stress.

Singing In Front Of An Audience Boost Self-Confidence – One of the first audiences anyone will have is their family. Parents can use karaoke to help their kids practice singing and presenting themselves in public. This might be awkward or even difficult at first, but through time and practice their self-confidence can develop.

Karaoke has also been proven as one of the best ways in discovering hidden talents. Who knows? One of your family members might be a closet Celine Dion or the next singing sensation. That’s what’s also great about karaoke. It leads to a variety of positive possibilities.

Don’t hesitate to visit us and sing your hearts out here at Mac’s Tavern and Grill in Arlington, Texas. Our lines are always open for inquiries and reservations. Thank you.