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Karaoke Blunders to Avoid

Here at Mac’s Tavern and Grill, we’re a strong believer of having fun and loosening the reigns a bit in a karaoke bar. This is why we offer our place here in Arlington, Texas as a haven for all kinds of singers with the right mix of good food and awesome drinks. We also observe courtesy among our guests, especially to those who are singing in public.

Here are some of the biggest blunders or mistakes to avoid when in a karaoke bar.

Don’t get too drunk.

Nobody likes the drunk uncle in the wedding. We know that you might need liquid courage to get through singing in public, but try not to get overboard. Enjoy and be merry, but don’t lose control of your liquor. You can avoid getting drunk by always moving, eating food, talking, and of course, not drinking too much.

Don’t be a stingy with complements and applause.

A karaoke bar is not the place to be a critic. Sympathize with the singer’s feelings. You all came to sing and have fun, not to judge each other. You can be surprised at how sensitively others might take your criticisms of their singing. It can lessen their confidence or even damage your camaraderie. Instead, be generous with your applause regardless of their voice.

Stop singing the same cliché song.

If you’ve heard a lot of Journey, Bon Jovi, or Freddie Mercury in the bar, then chances are people are getting tired of the same old songs. There are many choices you can go for, so there is no reason to get stuck in cliché songs.

Never rap if you can’t.

First of all, rap songs generally are hard to follow by the audience. Second, there is a high chance that you can’t rap as well as Nicki Minaj or Eminem. Hence, there is a great risk that you will end up slurring, mumbling, or out of breath. If you’re dedicated to fast-paced songs, try practicing RnB first and slowly make your way to the difficult bracket.

Don’t drop the mic.

Dropping the mic, kicking the chair, or smashing a bottle might be dramatic, but in reality it is not worth the effort of having to clean up after it. Before you think of damaging the equipment, think of the people who are supposed to use it after you.

Never hog the mic, upstage a partner, or steal a song.

This might be some of the best things you can do if you want to lose a friend or two in karaoke.

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