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Killer Karaoke Songs of 2017

Just when you bid 2017 goodbye, many of its songs continue to hum in your ears like the year hasn’t even ended yet. We at Mac’s Tavern and Grill are proud to say that we keep our music up to date. You can count on us to play your jam, regardless when it was released.

In fact, here are some of the best 2017 pop songs that you can sing to on your next karaoke visit.

“New Rules” by Dua Lipa – New British sensation Dua Lipa took the world by storm with her debut single “New Rules.” The upbeat melody, scornful lyrics, and overall infectious beat can definitely get your audience up and cheer you on.

“Want You Back” by Haim – Many people can relate to a certain post-breakup phase when one party is angry at the other, but still has the desire to have them back. Haim perfectly encapsulated this feeling with a seemingly conversational intro, snappy choruses, and smooth rhythm.

“Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B – Fair warning: This song does not have the most wholesome or family-oriented lyrics. What is awesome about this hip hop masterpiece is Cardi B’s incredibly powerful chops that would make any head nod. This is the first female rap song that ranked No.1 since 1998.

“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Beieber – Truth be told, we don’t understand the lyrics of this Latin pop song, but there is something fun about singing and dancing to the fine guitars and smooth voices. We recommend the version with Justin Beiber for more English lyrics in the song.

“24K Magic” and “That’s What I like” by Bruno Mars – Bruno Mars dug deep and came out with a lot of songs resonating the 80’s. These songs are part of an entire album that might send you or your parents down memory lane. There’s swagger, funk, and a lot of nostalgia — all the makings of great karaoke songs.

“Shape of You,” “Galway Girl,” and “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran – Need something modern to woo a girl? These ballads from Ed Sheeran cannot be more perfect.

“Hard Times” by Paramore – This colorful and upbeat song is another tribute to the 80’s as well as a great anthem to those who fell down in 2017. This refreshingly infectious pop song can be your next pick-me-up after a tough week.

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How Karaoke Can Help Make You a Better Singer

We at Mac’s Tavern and Grill strongly believe that everyone can sing. Not being born with a good singing voice should not be a hindrance to pursue your passion. Practice makes perfect, and one way to do this is to have karaoke sessions. Below are some of the main reasons why karaoke can help you hone your inner rock star or diva.

Confidence Boost – Most beginners lack confidence, especially when singing in front of a crowd. Often they think that they are not good enough to be heard by other people yet. Doing karaoke with friends can help in slowly boosting your confidence. Sooner or later you need to try and take a risk, especially when singing songs with high notes. Good thing is there’s no pressure involved since you are with your friends and you can still have fun.

No Techniques Needed – Singing in a karaoke bar does not require you to have knowledge of the technical side of singing—vocalization, breathing, posture, to name a few. Your main task is to sing to the lyrics shown in the monitor. You can start with an easy song to warm you up. As you get better with it you can move on with intermediate songs like Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” or Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro.”

Freedom in Song Choice – One good thing about karaoke is that you can choose whatever song you like. It doesn’t matter if you’re not good at it yet. What’s important is that you are motivated to sing it loud and proud. This way, you will be able to practice your piece. Who knows? It can be your winning song when you join a singing contest in the future!

Lastly, make sure to have fun while at it. Karaoke is an excellent training ground. In fact, it has been the starting point of many known singers today. Our doors are always open here at Mac’s Tavern and Grill Arlington Texas, for your next singing session either with friends, family, or by yourself. Call us anytime for reservations.

Tips to Overcome Stage Fright

There is nothing worse for a person on stage than to freeze in front of an audience and let stage fright ruin the entire performance. Everyone, from an amateur to a broadway actor, can experience stage fright. It is when one feels cold feet and shaky, and reaches the point of being still or debilitated at the fear of going on stage.

Experts can diagnose this as performance anxiety, wherein the person can no longer think rationally and instead excessively worries about the act and the reaction of the audience that has yet to even happen yet. Many people can treat this lightly and become insensitive to the person’s feelings. This might cause trauma or permanent fear.

Here at Mac’s Tavern and Grill, we believe that the best way to overcome stage fright is to tackle it straight on, with the support of friends and family. Below are some tips to help you or your friend beat the fear.

Relax. This may seem easy, but you are really not sure of what might happen when stage fright attacks at the moment before the performance. Here is what you can do:

  • Breathe slowly and occasionally exhale to release tension. You can watch videos to follow correct breathing methods in soothing stress.
  • Eat a banana before your performance can help lower the feeling of queasiness or vomiting you might feel. You can also chew gum, just be careful not to do it too much or it might upset your stomach.
  • Stretch your arms, legs, neck, shoulders, and hips. There is no need to resort to yoga or exercise, just move around so you won’t get stiff.

Be careful of the effects of drinks. Try to steer clear from milk during the day of your performance for two reasons: it can clog or make your throat dry; and there is always a risk of upsetting your stomach. Also avoid coffee or any drink high in sugar and coffee because they can increase your anxiety or make you jittery. For energy, instead drink citrus juices because they can also lower blood pressure and even complement your throat. Water also works fine, just not something too cold.

Audience participation greatly helps. It really does. Chat with members of the audience you don’t know so they won’t seem like total strangers. Once you see their faces and hear their voices, you can slowly learn that they are not really out to get you or criticize your singing. They might be just like you who are out to have fun and be with friends.

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The Mic’s Journey from East to West

For some people, karaoke night is a dreadful spectacle where people are compelled to sing in front of an audience while filled with alcohol and peer pressure. For others, it is the only night when they can be rock stars, pop singers, and any artist they want to be, with the help of a cheering audience and liquid courage. For a few, karaoke bars can be a place of nuisance, but for many people who have had a stressful day or week, it can be a place of emancipation.

Here at Mac’s Tavern and Grill, we keep our stage open, are plates warm, and our drinks flowing for everyone who wants to enjoy singing, drinking, and simply hanging out with friends through one common interest — karaoke.

The word “karaoke” originated from the Japanese words “kara,” which means empty, and “oke,” which is short for orchestra. The karaoke culture originated from Japan, wherein the ‘70s had people singing in public in bars and hotels as part of the establishments’ gimmick to order more drinks. This event became more serious in the ‘80s when people could sing in karaoke boxes with lyrics thru the help of laser disks. Fast forwarding to the 2000’s, the number of songs became nearly endless, the singing stages and/or booths became brighter and more colorful, and the entire karaoke experience became more enjoyable and advanced.

The Japanese see karaoke as both a culture of business and pleasure. Even until now they combine it with alcohol in closing deals and building relationships with important colleagues. For Americans, on the other hand, karaoke is mostly for pleasure.

Karaoke in the United States can be a form of blowing off steam, celebrating occasions like weddings and birthdays, enjoying the company of loved ones, and transforming into a different person with just one song. Experts say that many people are still getting hooked with karaoke because of the thrill of being part of the act and not just sitting and watching a show. They also say that this can be a form of a growing tradition for many generations. Many states like California and Colorado even see this as an actual sport.

In other words, there are many ways on how we can view karaoke. What is important is that we have fun with the right tunes, the right people, the right food and drinks, and the right place. For additional information on karaoke or about any event that we may be hosting here at Mac’s Tavern and Grill in Arlington, Texas, please give us call at (817) 649-1700 or fill out our contact form.

How to Prevent Pops & Hisses

Right now we going to discuss the proper microphone technique that you can utilize to prevent a pop or general hiss sound in any karaoke performance.

For most folks, especially the ones new to a microphone it is natural to place a microphone generally right in front of one’s mouth. However what most doesn’t realize is that with today’s technology being so advance, the microphone has the ability to pick up sounds from any direction and is also therefore very sensitive to each and every sound that you may project as well.

With the above being said, it is strongly recommended moving the microphone further away from one’s mount, angling the mic to one side or lower, or angel it towards the establishment ceiling or roof thus allowing the microphone to become less sensitive and prevent any unwanted pops or hiss sounds during a performance.

However keep in mind, any of the above adjustments to the placement of microphone can also vary depending on the establishment general equipment settings, type, and overall quality.

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Avoid Pop’s and Hisses in the Performance

Pop’s and Hisses are extremely popular in the world of karaoke and it should be at best avoided if possible. For these sounds traditionally during any performance can become distracting and overall abrasive from the eyes of the audience.

Example #1 – is B’s and P’s are often time overly extended or exaggerated, which traditionally cause a general pop sound.

Example #2 – would be C’s, S’s, and Z’s, these sounds can produce a snake hissing sound during a performance.

Even though pops and hisses exist in world of karaoke most folks don’t realize that these can be avoided through proper diction or annunciation and with general microphone techniques.

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Karaoke Vocal Effects

Here is a fun and popular technique that is commonly used here at Macs Tavern & Grill. Since a microphone is possible instrument it can be utilized to enhance any performance may that be live or recorded.

Vocal Effects can come in a variety of manners like in adjusting the overall airflow, good or bad enunciation, a diaphragmatic pulsation (like a general pant), provide more resonance to the performance, glottal attack, or maybe a soft palate edge (general vibration from the throat uvula.)

Depending on the karaoke performance these vocal effects can either be welcoming or disdained by the audience. Try

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Don’t Forget to Breathe

When you utilize a microphone effectively it cannot only hide a signer vocal stamina but can also enhance the overall performance. A prime example of this can be displayed through a common technique that is practiced in the karaoke industry.

This technique hides the singer inability to sustain breathing by holding the microphone far away when the singer voice is strong and powerful. Then the microphone is brought closer in as the vocal note loses volume and strength.

Overall the audience will never notice this minor technique, however they will think that the singer can maintain control, volume, and the overall strength of the note. Keep in mind though never to try and stretch a note beyond your comfort level.

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Consider Your Vocal Range

Here at Macs Tavern & Grill, we know everyone enjoys karaoke time to time. This is the reason we have put together a series of tips or tricks that you should consider next time you hit the stage.

In karaoke it does not matter if you are a soprano, tenor, or a bass; it just matters on the song selection. However keep in mind most pop culture songs now days are designed for mid range vocal cords.

So if you don’t want to sound a like a wounded or an injured animal in your performance. Make sure that the song vocal cord ranges is within your scope or ability when performing the desired song. (Hint: Karaoke Secret makes sure you are on key for great performance.)

Otherwise sing away, have great time, and let all your friends, strangers tell you how great, brave your were for getting on stage.

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7 Reasons – Why You Should Try Karaoke

When it comes to karaoke participation, there are usually two distinct camps: Heck no or Heck Yeah. For all of you in the first group, let me layout an argument for you overcoming your karaoke bias. I know I know, getting up on a stage in front of total strangers might be less appealing than being stranded on a deserted island with your mother-in-law. Despite that feeling, karaoke is something you have to experience at least once, and anyway what do you have to do lose? Who knows you might discover a new, hidden talent. But don’t just take my word for it, let these reasons do the convincing for me!

  1. It’s a way to impress your friends

Think about this for a minute, how impressed will your friends be if you actually get up on stage? You will be the talk of your friend group and also be the envy of people who have the same trepidation you had.

  1. Nothing is really scary when you think about it

We’ve already gone over the fear, but it’s really more about the anticipation than fear or the act that you have to worry about. Honestly, once you overcome that initial shock or stage fright, singing really should come naturally for the adrenaline, excitement, and enjoyment will take over.

  1. You will get better the more you do it.

As with riding a bike for the first time, the first song may not be perfect…Who CARES!!! Your fear is gone and you probably actually enjoyed it. So if you can somewhat carry a tune you can do nothing but improve. Really think of the limitless possibilities that doing well with karaoke can lead or open to! I envision possibly, a karaoke world champions!!

  1. A great option to hang with friends

Regardless of your vocal abilities, as a general rule, karaoke bars are cool places to meet up at. You are going to be with a group of friends, watching people make a fool of themselves. Seriously, what’s better than that?

  1. Have fun energetic parties

People always want to sing. People always think they sing better than they do. What about that doesn’t sound like a great theme and reason to have a party? Have a karaoke party in a more comfortable environment, will also relieve much of the anxiousness and fear of belting notes in front of a room full of strangers. You pick the guest list, the song long list, and you determine the theme and feel of the party. And it is a great change up from the normal party scene.

  1. So many songs to sing

No matter your singing capabilities, there is a song out there that you can get down to and know every word to. That is something that most people don’t think about, you have the choice in songs. This is true whether you like to twang like George Straight, drop lines like Drake, yell like Miley Cyrus, lip sing like Back Street Boys or rock out like Nickle Back. When you do this, you don’t have to think about the lyrics or the rhyme or the beat because you already have all of these memorized. You know your strengths and weaknesses, so if you pick a song that stays in your strengths you will be nothing but successful.   

  1. Make new friends

People who have not been involved in the karaoke scene don’t know that there is an incredible culture when it comes to karaoke. People who regularly attend karaoke bars become fast friends and develop healthy competitive relationships. There are strong social circles with people who share interests and musical tastes. If you’re looking for a way to connect with others, or to make new friends, karaoke is the perfect way to do it.

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