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Quick Tips for Karaoke Beginners

Are you still a karaoke newbie? Like in many things, the first time can be the most intimidating and difficult part to handle; but once you get past it, the rest is smooth sailing. Here at Mac’s Tavern and Grill, we strongly believe that each person has the potential to be a karaoke master — it’s all about how we carry ourselves when holding the mic.

Here are five quick and easy tips for karaoke beginners.

  1. Know your vocal range and capacity.

You can learn if you’re a belter or a low-key singer by trying to imitate the notes of a piano. There, you can determine which note is too high or too low for you. The easier and more informal way to determine your capacity is by following which singer best suits your vocals. Is your voice a rare octave like Mariah Carey’s or do you have a versatile one like Madonna’s?

  1. Choose your song wisely.

Selecting the right song can be based on different factors, such as your vocal range, the song’s popularity, and of course, your feelings at that moment. If this is your first time, try picking an easy song and a people pleaser, something to get the crowd to cheer for you.

  1. Practice the right breathing.

There’s a reason why experts strongly advise beginner singers to sing with their stomach and not with their throat. Singing with your throat will only make it hurt, your voice sound muffled, and your breathing shortened after a couple of seconds. Practice deep breathing and releasing your voice right after you’ve inhaled through your mouth.

  1. Don’t be awkward on stage.

Having stage presence greatly makes up for the lack of vocal talent. This is karaoke after all, and not a singing competition. Before taking the mic, take a deep breath, shake off the fear, and exhale when on stage. Don’t show the audience your fear or awkwardness and instead stand up and get them involved. You can clap, pace, and move your hands while singing. Just don’t be stiff.

  1. Be a supportive audience.

Since you know that being up on stage can be nerve-racking, try to be supportive of others. Clap, cheer, sing along, and have fun with the rest of the group. After all, karaoke is not meant to be enjoyed alone. You can build and strengthen relationships in this activity.

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